News • 01/2019

3D Immersion: Premium coaching for Caisse d’Epargne

With Immersion 3D, Acte Sept designed a coaching program for two managers of the Caisse d’Epargne group. Multi-faceted support over time.

Personalised according to their individual needs, the programme takes place over several months. For this coaching programme, the two managers are followed by three Acte Sept consultants providing additional support. The programme will alternate individual sessions, paired sessions and expert workshops. To extend immersion in everyday life, a digital monitoring system nurtures the topics. The two managers regularly receive aspirational content, articles, videos or audio extracts, etc.

The programme is called 3D immersion: its approach is based on mastering the three dimensions of spoken communication.

The Actor dimension, mobilising non-verbal communication in the service of the message and the challenge. The programme includes acting on stage, voice coaching sessions, stress management and improvisation.

The Author dimension, building a clear, striking message that leaves a trail. To be effective, regardless of the duration of the speaking, exploring several techniques: the pitch and storytelling, fuelled by the storytelling technique.

Finally, the Pilot dimension to reveal your strength of conviction by consciously steering your communication. The challenge: to convey a key message that is clear and committed in a challenging context. Practising speaking to the media, responding to the camera or developing a TED Talk.