News • 12/2014

A unique approach to crisis media training for the managers of Dalkia France

Acte Sept has devised an original media training programme for Dalkia to consolidate its managers' crisis communication skills. The teaching adopts a method that is relational rather than confrontational, all within a highly innovative immersive approach.

The courses available on the market that deal with crisis training/media training often proceed on the basis of a confrontation between the media world and the corporate world. Besides this somewhat negative approach, these courses tend to focus much more on the company's "duties" towards the media than on its "rights". Acte Sept opted to offer Dalkia quite the reverse, i.e. a relational approach rather than a confrontational one. Even in a crisis situation, communications with the media essentially concern a spokesperson and a journalist. Perfecting the relational aspect is our first commitment, in particular to acquire proficiency with one's non-verbal communication. "Duties" as well as "rights" constitute our second commitment, notably through the development of the basic message. You have a basic message to defend: we will show you how best to convey it. Our third commitment is an immersive, "put-yourself-in-my-shoes" approach. There is no better way to understand how a journalist operates than to put oneself in their shoes! Understanding the journalist's needs, being able to identify the journalistic approach and practising it on different issues: this in turn will facilitate one's adjustment. Fourth and final commitment: the facilitation of the course by an the company's spoken communications, and the backing of a professional journalist for role-playing: statements, interviews, hot debriefs. A course that demystifies crisis communication to pave the way for a win-win relationship.