News • 04/2014

KLESIA and Acte Sept awarded a prize at the Insurance Argus d’Or

Social welfare group KLESIA was recently awarded the prize for "best managerial innovation" in the Argus d'Or de l'Assurance (the Insurance Golden Awards) for its "KLESIA STORIES" programme – an internal web series produced by Acte Sept.

Written and interpreted by 70 KLESIA employees who were supervised by the Acte Sept coaching team, this web series illustrates the Group's "Charter of Good Conduct" with a touch of humour. This Charter is intended to firmly establish good corporate behaviour in the daily working lives of its employees. It was designed as part of the merger between Mornay and D&O that engendered KLESIA.

The Argus d'Or honoured this original initiative, the impact of which led to a record number of connections to the KLESIA intranet, and the creation of a highly relevant shared reference system. From now on, to point out any undesirable forms of behaviour, employees can refer to the characters in this series via tongue-in-cheek comments such as "Don't do a Nasser" (see video clip).

For the past ten years, the Argus d’Or awards have rewarded innovations in the world of insurance in four categories: products, services, communication, management.

Acte Sept is extremely proud to have been a part of this project, and warmly congratulates KLESIA and all the employees who took part in this undertaking.