News • 09/2014

With "OP Culture Web", Leroy Consultants and Acte Sept give a boost to Personal Branding for the purpose of job hunting.

To meet the market's latest challenges and promote rapid re-employment, Leroy Consultants BPI have launched the OP Culture Web, a new strategy for the outplacement of managers, with support from Acte Sept.

Convinced that activating and managing one's online networks are key to finding work, Leroy Consultants called on Acte Sept to rethink Personal Branding and incorporate it into this new approach. Generally speaking, Personal Branding is limited to managing one's personal brand on the Web alone. Revisited by Acte Sept, Personal Branding takes on a new aspect that consists in stimulating and consistently combining one's virtual image and one's pitch in real life. This boils down to making the URL work for the IRL (In Real Life)! Indeed, while digital media are certainly a powerful means for organising and securing appointments, it is the actual physical encounter that makes all the difference… To be sure, we have fully entered the digital age and, from now on, technological watch, professional networks, e-reputation and comprehensive use of the web are all tools that must be mastered and effectively managed to make oneself visible. Used to best effect, these tools can give career transitions a resounding boost! Having said that, the means must not be confused with the end; optimising these various channels should serve a single underlying purpose: to meet new people in real life. Indeed, it is physical encounters that lead to professional opportunities. And therein lies the crux of the matter: virtual image and face-to-face speaking must complement one another to achieve greater strength of conviction.

Overseen by Acte Sept, the Personal Branding course comprises 4 workshops:

  • Storytelling: to formalise the "ingredients" of one's personal brand
  • Digital strategy: to learn how to present one's personal brand on the Internet
  • Face-to-face strategy: to meet different people face-to-face
  • Expression through video: to tell one's story in video on the Internet

On completion of this course, participants will be in a better position to develop their "personal brand", to tell the same story both online and in real life, and thus present their communication in a singular, coherent manner.

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