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Senior Managers Day

  • Events

Assisting the management team and the communications team by dividing New Bayer's world vision up as follows:

  • Design of the key theme
  • Structuring of the day
  • Coaching for those concerned
  • Setting up the premises
  • Setting up a digital system integrating interactive functions and team building

{ 150 employees – October 2015 }

'Leading through communication'

  • Training

This new training programme was designed to support career progression. The goal was to assist Medical Scientific Liaison team members in taking on roles of increased responsibility. The five-day programme aimed to help the 16 participants become confident and convincing speakers. Training aspects included: the keys to non-verbal communication, active listening, assertiveness and discussion leadership, etc. Performance workshops were also held in the evening to bring a dose of humour.

{ Attended by 40 employees – From 2012 to 2014 }