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Celgene – Move for the Future

  • Events
  • Acting

The first Employees' Day held at their new offices in La Défense

  • Design and holding of a treasure hunt to explore the new environment and familiarize everyone with the premises
  • Writing and interpreting of playlets filmed in a fun, light-hearted manner to illustrate life on the new premises

{ January – 100 employees }

SmartTalk web fiction

  • Events
  • Acting

Design of web fiction to illustrate, within the timeframe, the theme of feedback and free-flowing communications in the timeframe

  • 8 3-minute episodes produced and broadcast from September to December
  • Staging of specific roleplays from day-to-day working life on communications
  • Writing and interpreting by Celgene employees

{ September to December 2015 }

Celgene Day 2015: Focus on feedback

  • Training
  • Events

Training day held on the theme of feedback

  • Design of visual identity and the key theme
  • Design and holding of the Day

{ 200 employees – Royal Barrière de Deauville }

Celgene Day – Celgene Stories

  • Coaching
  • Events

Design and facilitation of the "Celgene Day"
Support for getting messages across in plenary meetings
Organisation of collaborative workshops
Musical evening booster

{ 150 employees – July 2014 }

Celgene Day – Imagin’Action

  • Events

Production of video clips by employees during the Celegne annual meeting. Acte Sept coaches assisted with the writing, interpretation and production of a short film on all of the projects currently underway at Celegne France.

{ Attended by 120 employees – July 2012 }

Celgene - Cycle Meetings

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  • Coaching
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  • Acting

Devising the common thread
Coaching employees working on the ground for plenary meeting presentations
Targeted training workshops
Supervising the writing and interpretation of sketches by employees
Scheduling theatre plays

{ 2009 to 2012 }

Design and delivery of training programmes for networks

  • Training
  • 'Assertiveness' – From 2010 to 2012 – Attended by 32 persons
  • 'Investigation & discussion leadership' – March to June 2012 – Attended by 32 persons.