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Our services

  • Training
  • Events

Cycle meeting for l’Unité Thérapeutique Médecine de Ville (City Medical Therapy Unit)

  • Coaching
  • Events
  • Acting
  • Design of the key theme
  • Assistance and structuring of plenary session messages
  • Coaching for those concerned
  • Writing of sketches
  • Setting up of a digital system

{ 400 employees – September 2015 }

Summer University for field managers

  • Events

Design and delivery of a range of workshops to accompany the managers' Summer University. The Summer University is a two-day event that brings together the MSD's 80 managers to reflect on and discuss vision, creativity, innovation and stress management.

{ Attended by 80 managers – 2011 }

Optimizing communication towards health professionals

  • Training

Design and delivery of training programmes and periodic meetings for the medical visitors' network. The goal of these is to optimize the communication of MSD's network of medical visitors towards healthcare professionals in a sensitive context characterized by changing operating regulations.

{ From 2004 to 2013 }