Olivier Yéni

portrait Olivier Yéni

Founder and Managing Director of Acte Sept

His business side:

Olivier studied at Rouen Business School (NEOMA), Sciences Po Paris and at the leading Parisian business school HEC (Executive MBA/Centre for Business Improvement) before going on to a successful career as corporate communications consultant at the agencies Bernard Krief Consultants, I&E and Grey, the latter two of which he directed. Olivier brings this consulting dimension to all of Acte Sept's projects and assists leaders with high-stake public speaking.

His flip side:

At evenings and weekends, Olivier sheds his suit and tie and dons his acting clothes. As well as acting, he also produces plays and has even written some successful ones himself ('Court Sucré ou Long sans Sucre?', '1-2-3 Sardines' and 'Échauffements Climatiques').