News • 09/2015

MSD, one of the largest pharmaceuticals laboratories, is making a comeback to Acte Sept for the launch of a cycle with plenty of strategic issues.

A long-standing customer of Acte Sept, the American MSD laboratory asked us to assist with the launch of a cycle crucial for its medical appointments system. Marked by key themes, structuring of content, coaching of management teams in what they do, scriptwriting, digital system: a real panoply to serve the Creators of the Future!

Having first co-operated in 2004, MSD, classified as one of the world's top 10 pharmaceuticals laboratories, is one of Acte Sept's most loyal customers. Training in medical appointments systems, assistance with new medical information systems, coaching of marketing management teams, medical teams and sales teams in ensuring increased impact in their communications with teams on the ground, teambuilding that makes sense, acting to serve change management, etc.. Alongside MSD, and alongside Roche or Novartis, Acte Sept has for over 10 years assisted with changes taking place in the pharmaceuticals industry, especially those focusing on relations with different parties concerned.