News • 10/2015

Olivier Yéni on stage in Paris in "La Fille de son Père"

From the end of September to January 2016, Olivier Yéni is delighted to watch his colleagues Bruno Chapelle, Marie Aline Thomassin, Pascale Michaud and Camille Saféris in a hilarious comedy full of quid pro quos at the Théâtre de l’Archipel.

After "Court Sucré ou Long sans Sucre? " in Paris and then all over France in 2014, Olivier Yéni is returning to the stage in "La Fille de son Père". Loyal to Acte Sept's promise to offer its customers a wonderful glimpse of artistic practice in what he does, Olivier Yéni, like all other people at the office, regularly bringing out the actor in himself, essential to spoken communication, by confronting the public at large as he rises to the challenges of comedy. Writing and playing in comedy is also about expertise which Acte Sept develops with its customers in its "Acting" offer. What does the offer include? It is about writing and playing, or getting one's colleagues to write and play, situations inspired by what they do on a day-to-day basis to assist in the processes of change, change management or quite simply making people laugh, bringing some good humor to key times in a company's life. The subject may be expressed as well live as on video. Contact us now to find out more!