News • 12/2015

SmartTalk: an original program for feeding Celgene's Feedback culture.

The Celgene laboratory is launching the SmartTalk program to guarantee quality co-operation and communication within its teams…old… and new!

SmartTalk is the combination of different systems scheduled for 2015 and 2016: teambuilding, training, internal formation, internal web fiction. With a single aim: to combine quality of co-operation and increase in the workforce, working on quality of communications and especially developing a Feedback culture. Managerial feedback, in terms of the ability managers have to give and receive feedback, but also feedback between employees with the ability to say things simply to serve wellbeing and overall efficiency at work. The SmartTalk program began with Celgene Day, a Day for raising awareness dedicated to Feedback for all employees. The incentives generated by the Day were prolonged, with the participation of over 50 employees in production of internal web fiction on the subject of Feedback and interpersonal communication. 8 episodes, written and interpreted by Celgene employees, that focus on the difficulties of free-flowing communications on a daily basis and raise awareness of the importance of behaving appropriately with good humor. The system will extend into 2016 with dedicated training schemes for managers and for all other employees.