News • 09/2016

“The Open World Project”, or how to share rich and strategic content in Story Acting mode.

3 convention days, more than 20 speakers, a packed agenda, ambitious speaking formats (from dynamic to timed talks), interviews and exchanges of views: Acte Sept put the management of VINCI Airports into Story Acting mode with a view to obtaining maximum efficiency.

Imagine 160 employees from 6 continents. Imagine 34 airports, some of which have been part of the VINCI Airports network for a long time, with others in the process of being integrated. Imagine a business plan composed of 12 topics–to be presented one at a time. Imagine 20 or so speakers. Perhaps you are visualising endless PowerPoint presentations, with slide upon slide? Now, forget the PowerPoints and listen ... Listen to pacy presentations, 5 to 8 minutes long, prepared and structured along Story Acting lines in order to convey powerfully the issues involved in each of these themes. Listen to pairs of speakers representing the new airports in the network answering questions and sharing the different perspectives within VINCI Airports Global / Local. Listen to committed and concise speakers shedding light on the salient points in their presentation... This is how–in 3 weeks, in an international environment and in close collaboration with Jane Goodman, who was the facilitator during the 3 days of the convention–Acte Sept prepared and scripted (in English), 12 talks , 1 hive workshop segment, 3 “alternative perspectives” interviews and 2 “focus on…” presentations. On the Île des Embiez, between plenary sessions, workshops, a sun-drenched barbecue and an “outdoor” team-building session, there was already talk among the participants to the effect that this was one of the best ever VINCI Airports conventions.