News • 05/2018

Bayer goes into Telecommuting mode

Telecommuting is developing at a phenomenal rate... In order to exploit these new ways of working to their full potential, support is essential. Acte Sept offered Bayer teams a face-to-face/distance module.

Initially, we lead them to identify the risks inherent in geographic distance. To counter those risks you must know how to organise yourself and manage your time, to find the right balance between your personal sphere and your professional requirements. Another challenge is maintaining your connection with the rest of the team. To avoid situations of isolation and to encourage good circulation of information, everyone must know how to make effective use of the appropriate communication tools.

From these good practices, each employee must construct his or her own uses, so that they correspond to his or her operating methods and those of his or her team. The second part of the training is adaptation and application of these principles. Using personality tests, employees look at their behaviours and working habits. In a series of simulations, they project themselves into a situation and compare their own operating methods with those of other members of the team.

Quite naturally, the last part of the training is done…remotely. All participants reconnect with their coach a few weeks later in a webconference during which each person shares his or her feedback.