News • 04/2018

For Total, the key is knowing how to pitch

New training for Group employees: The Successful pitch, or how to convince someone in less than two minutes. In advertising jargon, when creative professionals pitch an idea, they sell a concept to their client. The art of the pitch is the art of being convincing in very brief span, faced with a discussion partner who does not have the time.

The name of the game is focus as much on form as on substance, to capture their attention and impress them. A successful pitch is first of all a structured statement: the arguments must be forceful and adapted to the target. Then there is the issue of non-verbal communication. Once again, it is the manner of delivery that makes the difference. Once mastered, the pitch technique applies in all circumstances: whether it is a project, a product or oneself.

Making a success of your pitch is a logical extension of our training, Making a Success of Your Speaking Opportunities, which has been offered to Total employees for over 10 years. It is designed for those who wish to go further in mastering their spoken communication.