News • 10/2018

What if we became creative?

Acte Sept designed an unprecedented pathway to take ownership of all the levers of the creative process. Are you ready to explore our Creativity Boxes?

During this innovative experience, five Creativity Boxes are opened successively. Five boxes to understand where creativity comes from and master the tools to induce it.

Each of the Creativity Boxes is an experimental workshop. The participants try out sometimes unexpected techniques in order to become aware of the sources of creativity. Theatre is used to produce creative thoughts, improv to take action and even hypnosis to draw on your imagination.

Each person thus creates their own creative recipe, personalised according to their own sensibilities. Another box will then focus on asserting your uniqueness: don’t let the group effect crush your creative impulse. Finally, you learn in the last box to rely on your memory, an endless source of inspiration.

Last 18 and 19 October, the entire VINCI Construction France Communications sector was involved. 60 participants for two days loaded with constructive rivalry!