News • 02/2019

Great feedback from Club Med!

This year again, around twenty future resort managers from the four corners of the globe came together in Marrakesh. Together with our coaches, they worked on their verbal communication in challenging situations.

Resort managers are the preferred point of contact for clients and is the Club Med brand ambassador with them. Their manner of address must therefore be mastered in all circumstances, particularly the most delicate ones. An intensive day to understand the role of their body, voice and manner of address.

These bilingual sessions were very popular, and to testify to this, the easiest thing to do is to let the participants have the floor:

“An enriching training which will be a day-to-day support for interaction with teams and clients”.

“Fun, informative, great coaching!”

“Good that we used real daily situations that we encounter every day, because we learned about communication but also how to better manage these situations”.

“I loved our work on non-verbal and then spoken communication. Upon return to my resort I immediately implemented it without talking about it beforehand and my microphone technician and his immediately noticed it during one of my presentations”.

“It really allowed us to discover new aspects of ourselves”.

“The new communication tools are going to be of great value”.

“My communication and problem solving will take a big step forward”.

"What I learned from the course; I will be able to implement immediately: (…) My tone and the variation in my voice, my posture when I present, the goodwill I earn when I manage a difficult situation”.