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Four types of services based on the day-to-day needs of a business

Tailored training services

Tailored training services. We are both consultants and actors Through our passion for the theatre, we build bridges between the worlds of performance and business to breakdown inhibiting barriers.

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Coaching services for individuals and teams

We are both consultants and developers of potential We help to develop the potential of your leaders by working simultaneously on the content of their message and their presentation style.

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Key events service

We are both consultants and producers We design strategic events centred around your message and those responsible for delivering it.

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Acting workshops for team-building

We are both consultants and scriptwriters/stage managers.
In addition to high-stake public speaking, we put your acting skills to the test in sketches and videos. Our workshops use tailored scripts designed to strengthen team cohesion and convey your messages in an original and humorous way.

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