COACHING by Acte Sept

Our individual and team-based coaching services are intended for company leaders and high-potential employees. We provide them with the keys to develop and confirm their management skills and optimize their oral communication. Our coaches are qualified in NLP and coaching methods, as well as in the use of psychometric tools such as MBTI.

Solutions to help you:

  • succeed in high-stake public speaking situations,
  • managing your stress
  • take on a new role in the best possible conditions,
  • understand the forces that drive interpersonal communication to optimize your speeches and team relationships,
  • work better within a management team.

Services may include:

  • personal development: public speaking, self-confidence, positioning
  • management coaching
  • team coaching
  • MBTI
  • Co-learning workshops

Coaching by Acte Sept, in brief

  1. Exclusive service for leaders and high-potential employees
  2. Ad hoc support (speech preparation) or long-term programmes (supporting employees’ progression to more important roles)
  3. Certified coaches

For any questions regarding our Coaching offer™

please contact Olivier Yéni

+33 (0)1 41 05 43 23


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