TRAINING by Acte Sept

Acte Sept designs and delivers training to address the behavioural aspects of spoken communications. All our training sessions are unique and are developed especially for your specific problem and sector of business. Our coaches/actor-trainers work with you on the entire palette of behavioural components – deal with stress, active listening, assertiveness, etc – which come into play in situations of spoken communication.

Solutions to help you:

  • speak in public,
  • lead meetings productively,
  • improve interpersonal communication,
  • deal with stress and conflictual situations.
  • managing your personal image: personal branding
  • training to speak in front of the media
  • practising Story Acting: storytelling Acte Sept style
  • perfecting your distance communication

«On-demand» services:

  • Ongoing programmes to support career progression and employees taking on new, higher-grade roles
  • Modules focused on optimizing the potential of individuals
  • Training facilitated through the use of acting methods
  • Coaches with cutting-edge expertise (particularly NLP and coaching methods)
  • Programmes that combine pleasure and learning.

Training by Acte Sept, in brief

  1. Tailored programmes developed in conjunction with clients
  2. Long-term arrangements to support career progression
  3. Acting techniques used to leverage learning.

For any questions regarding our Training offer™

please contact Olivier Yéni

+33 (0)1 41 05 43 23


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