Spoken communications

Spoken communications – an increasingly crucial aspect of business

We have never communicated as much, particularly in the world of business.

Nowadays, employees are expected to be able to promote a project orally in a clear and confident manner; managers are expected to be able drive their teams effectively; leaders are expected to know how to share a vision or a strategy convincingly.
We expect these various speakers to have an engaging, credible and personalized manner of communicating, in some cases to compensate for corporate communications that are often deemed too dull or standardized.
If you take two equally qualified managers today, the one who will progress within a company is the one who is capable of sharing his vision or strategy, of carrying his team along with him, in short, of making the best use of his communication abilities in his role.
Improving the quality of spoken communication in business is therefore an increasingly strategic issue.

Spoken communications consulting – a new field

any situation where the words of the company must be personified and delivered with impact

Acte Sept has been assisting businesses, leaders, managers and employees with high-stake public speaking situations for over ten years. How? Through a new field of work – spoken communications consulting. Indeed, we have created a new segment of corporate communications. Advertising is done through media such as television, radio, magazines and the Web. Editorial communication consists of newsletters, company magazines and so on. Digital communication deals with websites, blogs and social networks. With spoken communications, the media is man – the employee, the manager or the company leader who must speak publicly on behalf of the company, be it internally or externally, face-to-face or in front of an audience. In fact, spoken communications encompass any situation where the words of the company must be personified and delivered with impact.

And since spoken words are not the same as written words, since leveraging one's powers of persuasion requires body language and emotion, and since all of this demands a special approach, Acte Sept is on hand to assist you with the development, delivery and staging of your high-stake public speaking occasions. That is what spoken communications consulting is about.

Development is about choice of words and content, the story to be told and ensuring it is interesting and inspirational.

Delivery is how you use non-verbal aspects, body language, and not only the head or face.
Staging is the consideration of the space around you, of your audience and your environment, to whom and how are you going to tell your story.

A consulting service shaped by a dual background

the development, delivery and staging of your high-stake public speaking occasions

Olivier Yéni founded Acte Sept to create a bridge between two parallel careers: 15 years’ experience in corporate communications consulting and 20 years of extensive involvement in performing arts, firstly as a singer then as an actor/scriptwriter and producer of plays. Like him, all of the persons involved in Acte Sept's training, coaching and events have this dual competence to help our clients bridge the gap between these two worlds and to make their public speaking rousing, believable and enjoyable.