Our genetic make-up

Two facets

Olivier Yéni founded Acte Sept in 2003 by merging his professional experience in leading corporate communications consultancies with that gained from a successful sideline career in singing and theatre.

  • The business side: Olivier held management positions for many years at the agencies Bernard Krief, I&E and Grey. He thus has proven experience in the intricacies of corporate communications and management-level consulting.
  • The flip side: Olivier has always been deeply involved in the world of live performance. As a singer, actor and co-scriptwriter of several successful plays, he has numerous artistic projects to his name and has developed an extensive network in the performing arts world.

Both facets combined

The Acte Sept team and all of its partners oscillate between the spheres of corporate communications and performance. For them, the boundary between these two worlds is porous – the nature of proposals, the methods employed and especially Acte Sept's hallmark approach are strongly influenced by this dual culture. Acte Sept excels at balancing seriousness and humour, strategic consulting and creativity, and performance and personal fulfilment.