News • 10/2014

VINCI Airports convention: Acte Sept in the cockpit!

Acte Sept was tasked with overseeing public speaking by VINCI Airports' executive committee members at an international seminar organised for the group's managers.

With 23 airports in France, Cambodia and Portugal – whose hub in Lisbon is continuously expanding, projects that will mobilise VINCI Airports' teams are coming thick and fast!

It was in this highly dynamic context that Acte Sept met the airport operator's executive committee members to structure the different public speaking occasions at the Group's second seminar, held in Lisbon last October and involving teams from Cambodia, France and Portugal.

Over the course of four weeks, two Acte Sept consultants teamed up with VINCI Airports:

  • As part of a successful collaboration with the Group's Communication Department to prepare a round table with the leaders of ANA Portugal, recently integrated in the Group.
  • For our consultants, this involved a crash course in the world of VINCI Airports to facilitate the CEO's presentation of key messages and flagship projects in Cambodia, Tajikistan and France.
  • Each executive committee member received flexible coaching to spearhead workshop considerations and ensure a dynamic presentation of the necessary content in plenary meetings.
  • There were also some highly constructive exchanges with the convention's bilingual host for smooth transitions between each sequence.
    All in all, a project with a fast take-off and a highly successful landing!