The consultancy

Unique in the communications market

As the only spoken communications consultancy in the market, Acte Sept provides assistance to company leaders, managers and ambassadors for public speaking on high-stake issues. To help you achieve a captivating manner of speaking, we have developed our offer around four complimentary areas of expertise:


Helping staff to communicate with ease


Helping leaders to develop their style of speaking


Making your company's words the highlight of the event


Using our acting skills to boost team cohesion and motivation

From strategic consulting to operational implementation

With services ranging from strategic consulting – to engineer and optimize corporate speaking – to the turn-key organization of internal and external events, and the production and delivery of training and coaching programmes, we optimize the development, expression and staging of your spoken messages.

Theatre is part of our ADN

Every employee that attends conventions, meetings or appointments requires acting skills. Knowing how to choose one's words, adopt the right tone, mobilize all of one's non-verbal skills, and stage one's public speaking down to the smallest detail are all crucial. Acte Sept brings businesses its knowledge of the theatrical world and its acting expertise to produce spoken communication that leaves an impression – be it face-to-face, in Executive Committees or in front of a large audience.